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How to shop

Shopping at the remienky.sk is quite simple. Nevertheless, we offer
instructions on how to:

1., Search for a strap
- using full-text search - the search box is located in the upper left
corner. Once the strap name is listed, this item will be searched for and
- according to the advanced search - under fulltext search there is an
advanced search based on the price, material, colour and width of the
strap. If you can not determine the width or length of the strap, click on
the upper bar behind the contact at - How to specify the width, length
- by offer (under search extension) – i.e. according to the specification of
the strap or brace, for example:
Leather - alligator, lizard, structured ..., Metal - steel, gilded ...,
cautchouc, etc. + accessories, torches, tools ...
- other goods i.e. watch, jewelery and service can be found on the first
page of our home page

2. If we have already found the strap
- If you have already found the strap you are interested in, you can view
the details of the strap by clicking at the picture- the manufacturer,

availability, material, price-, as well as choose the colour, width, length
and design of the buckle and way of sewing the strap. If you have a
problem determining the width and length of the strap, you also have the
possibility of a clickable detail - How to specify the width, length

3. How to buy a strap
- If you decide to shop, click on the icon that displays the shopping cart
next to the price of the strap. The shopping cart and its current status
are placed in the upper right corner. In the shopping cart, you can
change the number of pieces and watch the straps you have added to it
or remove unwanted straps.

4., Sending an order
- You need to sign up for an order. Registration is important due to billing
and delivery of the strap. The advantage of registering is, besides
checking the status of your order, also the possibility to receive
information about the actions and news by the mail you mention.
Registered customers are also offered quantity discounts (depending on
the current action of the portal remienky.sk). In the order you have to
choose the method of payment and shipping of the product.

5. Order Confirmation
- check the order. After sending your order, you will receive an
automatically generated email about your order at the email address you

provided when registering. Check the correctness of the data. If there
are any inconsistencies in the mail, please let us know at
In case of any inconvenience or comments, please contact us by e-mail
at contact@watch-strap.eu
We believe you choose from the portfolio of brands and straps we offer.
We wish you happy shopping.

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