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Terms and conditions

1. General Terms
Terms and Conditions of Miroslav Wagner are applicable for the internet shop
wwww.watch-strap.eu. The purpose of the terms is to define the rights and obligations
of the seller and the buyer.
The seller and operator of the internet shop www.watch-strap.eu is: Miroslav Wagner,
Puškinova 13, 06601 Humenné, (company ID) IČO: 37560743, (Tax ID) DIČO:
1044129592, (VAT ID) DIČ DPH: SK1044129592
All contractual relationships between the seller and the buyer are concluded in
accordance with the applicable law of the Slovak Republic. If the consumer is a
party to the contract, the unregulated trade conditions are governed by the Civil
Code (40/1964 Zz) , the Consumer Protection Act (250/2007 Zz) and the Act of
Doorstep selling and Mail Order Sales (108/200 Zz). If a contractor is a
businessman, the unregulated trade conditions are governed by the Commercial
Code (519/1991 Zz), all as amended.
Consumer contract is a purchase contract, a works contract, or other contracts
where the parties are the seller on the one hand and the buyer (consumer) on the
other. Seller (contractor): a person who, when performing and concluding a
contract, acts in the course of his business or other business activity. An
entrepreneur who delivers products or services to the buyer directly or through
other entrepreneurs.
The buyer (consumer) a natural person who, when concluding and performing the
contract is not in his commercial or other business activities, and products or
performance of the services provided are not intended to take up employment,
profession or business.
Buyer (entrepreneur): a person who, when signing and performing a contract, acts
in the course of his business or other business activity.
To conclude a contract: if the buyer is a consumer, the seller expresses the will to
conclude a purchase contract by locating its offer on the website. In such case the
sales contract is formed upon delivery of a buyer's binding order to the seller.
Mutual rights and obligations arise between the buyer and the seller from the
moment of delivery of the binding order. If the buyer is not a consumer, the buyer's
order is a draft purchase contract and the purchase contract itself is closed by a
binding order confirmation from the seller.

Once your order has been submitted, your order will be processed and a
confirmation of receipt of the order by the seller will be delivered to your email.
Any additional information about your order will be sent to your email address if

2. Personal data protection
Buyers and sellers agree that if the buyer is a natural person, he is obliged to notify
the seller of his name and surname, address of permanent residence, including
postal code, phone number and e-mail address. If the buyer is a legal person or
tradesman, he is obliged to notify the seller of his business name, address, including
postcode, company ID, VAT number, telephone number and e-mail address.
The Buyer declares that he agrees in accordance with Act no. 428/2002 Z.z. on the
Protection of Personal Data as amended, to process and store his / her personal data,
in particular those mentioned above, or necessary for the activities of the Seller to
process them in all of their information systems. The buyer grants the seller this
permission for an indefinite period of time. The buyer may withdraw consent to the
processing of personal data at any time in writing. Consent expires within 1 month
of receipt of the buyer's withdrawal of the consent and the data will then be erased.
 Personal data that the buyer states when ordering are solely for our use and will not
be provided to other entities. The exception is represented by external carriers,
which provide the customer's personal data to the minimum extent necessary for the
smooth delivery of the goods.
3. Cancellation of the order and withdrawal from the contract
Buyers can cancel their order at the latest by the time of off-loading the goods, by e-
mail at info@remienky.sk. When canceling the order, it is necessary to give the
name, order number and name of the ordered goods.
The seller has the right to cancel the order if, due to the sale out of the goods or the
unavailability of the goods, he is not able to deliver the goods to the buyer within
the time specified by these business terms or due to the price stated in the online
store unless the buyer agrees to a substitute performance. The buyer will be
informed about the cancellation of the order by phone or e-mail.
If the buyer has already paid part or total purchase price for the canceled order for
the goods, this amount will be refunded within 7 days from cancellation of the
order, by wire transfer to the account specified. The buyer (consumer) is entitled to

withdraw from the contract within 14 working days of taking over the goods in
accordance with the provisions of § 12 par. 1 no. 108/2000 Z.z. on consumer
protection in the case of doorstep selling and mail order sales, as amended. The
buyer has the right to unpack and try the goods in the same manner as usual when
buying in a classic stone shop. Trying, however, does not mean to use the goods and
return it to the seller after a few days. In accordance with § 12 par. 5 of the
abovementioned law, the customer can not withdraw from the contract, which is:
the performance of the service, if the service started to be performed with the
consent of the customer before the expiry of the withdrawal period, the sale of the
goods made according to the specific requirements of the customer or the goods
designated separately for one customer, or goods which cannot be returned due to
their characteristics;
If you choose to withdraw from the contract within 14 business days, please send us
the goods, including a copy of the invoice and the accompanying letter stating that
you are withdrawing from the purchase contract.
The shipping costs are refunded by the customer. Goods sent back in cash will not
be taken over.
Funds will be returned to the Buyer in accordance with the provisions of the
applicable law within 15 days by bank transfer to the stated account, unless the
seller agrees otherwise.
If the Buyer withdraws from the contract and delivers to the Seller the goods that
are used, damaged or incomplete, he returns to the Buyer the already paid purchase
price for the goods stated in the binding acceptance of the order reduced, in
accordance with the provision § 457 of the Civil Code, by the value of its wear and
tear in the amount of 1% of the total price of the goods for each day of use of the
goods and the value of repairs and putting the goods back to their original state.

4. Complaint procedure
Warranty period - all products have a legal warranty period of 24 months. If the
warranty exceeds the statutory time limit, the conditions are indicated on the
warranty card. The warranty period begins with the takeover of the goods by the
buyer. In the event of a fault, defect, error, loss of quality or damage to the goods,

please contact us by e-mail: info@remienky.sk
As soon as possible we will contact you and agree on the next steps. We will
resolve the complaint immediately, in complex cases within 3 business days. In
justified cases, especially if a complex technical assessment of the condition of the
product or service is required, no later than 30 days after the date of the claim.
Upon expiry of this period, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract or
has the right to exchange the product for a new product.
The buyer will be informed about the result of the complaint immediately after the
termination of the complaint by telephone. After the complaint has been solved, we
will send you the goods to your address. A complaints protocol will be delivered by
e-mail or by registered mail along with the goods.
Protect your watch from falling, sudden impact, shocks, sudden changes in
temperature, chemical influences, magnetic fields, moisture and water effects if
they are not marked as watertight. Do not open the watch case and protect the
machine from unprofessional interference during the warranty period.
Service Center: Hodinár - Wish s.r.o., Aupark-Košice Nám. Osloboditeľov 1, 040
01 Košice

5. Alternative dispute resolution and conditions.
The buyer - the consumer - has the right to contact the seller with a request for
redress (by e-mail to info@remienky.sk) if he / she is not satisfied with the way the
seller resorted to his / her claim or if he / she believes the seller violated his / her
rights. If the seller's response is refusing or if the seller fails to respond to this
request within 30 days of its dispatch, the consumer has the right to file a petition
for alternative dispute resolution at Dispute Settlement Entity (hereinafter referred
as ARS) under Act 391/2015 Zz. ARS entities are bodies and authorized legal
entities under § 3 of Act 391/2015 Z.z. The proposal may be submitted by the
consumer according to the method specified in §12 of Act 391/2015 Z.z.
The list of ARS entities can be found on the website of the Ministry of Economy of
the Slovak Republic www.mhsr.sk.
The consumer can also file a complaint through the RSO Alternative Dispute

Resolution Platform, available online at
An alternative dispute resolution can only be used by a consumer - a natural person
who does not take part in the course of his business, employment or occupation
when concluding and fulfilling a consumer contract. An alternative dispute
resolution only concerns a dispute between a consumer and a seller resulting from a
consumer contract or relating to a consumer contract. Alternative dispute resolution
applies only to distance contracts. An alternative dispute resolution does not deal
with disputes where the value of the dispute does not exceed EUR 20. The ARS
may require the consumer to charge a fee for starting an alternative dispute
resolution up to a maximum of EUR 5 with VAT.
6. Terms of Payment
The following payment methods are available:
payment on delivery
payment by bank transfer - after receiving and confirming the order, you will be
sent bank transfer details. Once the payment has been received, the goods will be
sent to your address.
7. Terms of Delivery
We deliver the goods through the DDP courier (delivery on the next business day
after shipment).

Goods that we have in stock are sent on the day of receipt of the order (until 3:00
pm).Products which are currently not in stock are usually sent within 5-10 working
days. In case of longer delivery, the customer will be notified.

8. Prices of goods
All prices include VAT.
9. Other provisions
1) Discount and Sale Offers are in effect until stock is sold out unless otherwise
stated for the product.
2) Warranty card, invoice, instructions are included in the package.

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